Colin Miller.JPG
Colin in 1993
Colin Miller
Portrayed by Damien Midkiff
Episode Wishing
Status Deceased (1993)

Colin Miller was a mentally challenged teenager boy who was struggling with being bullied by his peers at school and his mother Sarah, who was dying from breast cancer.

One day, Colin and his crush Leah were in the music room and Leah allowed him to kiss her. When Leah's boyfriend, Mac caught them kissing, Leah falsely claimed that Colin had attempted to sexually assault her. After Leah's parents discovered what happened, they confronted Sarah and asked her to pull Colin out of school otherwise they would press civil & criminal charges against him.

After Sarah ended up in the hospital due to her illness, CPS sent Colin to a mental hospital, but his friend Nathan Hicks was able to get him out. After learning that Sarah's condition was terminal and she wasn't expected to survive, Nathan tries to adopt Colin, but he was denied.

On March 6, 1993, Nathan takes Colin for a walk. Colin tells Nathan that he will wish for his mother get better since his wish for Leah to love him also came true. Nathan agrees and Colin wishes his wish as he is hit by an oncoming train.

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