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Colin Blake in 1976
Colin in 1976
Colin Blake in 2009
Colin in 2009
Colin Blake
Portrayed by John Scarangello (1976)
Barry Cullison (2009)
Episode Jackals
Status Alive

Colin Blake is the father of murder victim Sarah Blake in "Jackals".

After his wife died when Sarah was 13, he went on to raise her as a single father. In 1976, Colin was convicted of stealing money from a veteran's charity and imprisoned. His plan was to have Sarah stay with her aunt to finish school, but she stood by him every step of the way.

With nowhere to go and nobody else to turn to, Sarah found solace in the Jackals, a notorious and dangerous motorcycle gang. Tragically, she was murdered by Jackals' leader "Shameless" Clark in 1976. Upon hearing about his daughter's murder, Colin tried to break out of prison, injuring a guard in the process and getting his sentence doubled.

In 2009, after his release, somebody had slipped him a photo of Sarah on the back of a motorcycle branding the name "Jackals", the photo dating back to the 4th of July in 1976. Colin then took it to detectives, hoping to find out what had happened to his daughter.

He also knew Burke, a member of the Jackals. The Jackals had sold him out to protect their drug trade; Colin was the only one who ever helped him so in return, Burke gave the detectives a lead on Sarah's murder.

After Sarah's killer is revealed and arrested, Colin is finally given peace. He and Detective Lilly Rush go to the lot where his daughter died so Colin can lay down flowers and her picture. He "sees" Sarah smile at him in forgiveness.