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Cole Austen 1989
Cole in 1989
Cole Austen 2010
Cole in 2010
Cole Austen
Portrayed by Blake Hood (1989)
Chris Coppola (2010)
Episode Almost Paradise
Status Alive

Cole Austen was the boyfriend of murder victim Felicia Grant, who was killed the day after their senior prom at McKinley High on May 20th, 1989.

Being the football quarterback and driving the latest car thanks to his dad's dealership, Cole enjoyed a popular existence at high school. He also seemed to be a bully, at least to Evan Mazer aka Corky, who Cole and his friends would prank with a fake love letter from Felicia. In the beginning of their relationship and on the outside, Cole and the also beloved Felicia seemed very happy, in love, and the perfect couple, being elected Prom King and Queen. But it would sadly fall apart on prom night.

Cole seemed to only love Felicia for her looks, among other selfish reasons. This obvious revelation marked her deeply; she was now stuck between with staying with Cole or leaving him for someone real, who loves her for her. But the straw that would break the camel’s back was Cole finding out from Felicia's best friend Suzie Hill that she already lost her virginity to the person he wouldn’t expect: Lee Mavoides, the "nerdy" bad boy of McKinley High (who was also Suzie's prom date).

An already intoxicated Cole violently confronted Lee in the parking lot about his one-time intimate relationship with the former's girlfriend/love of his life, until Felicia intervened. She told Cole that she wants to break up because she's going to a different college, UC Berkeley, instead of Penn State as they planned. Cole was despondent his girlfriend was dumping him at prom, but didn't make a fuss about it. As consolation, Felicia gave him her panties so he could tell the team they slept together. Cole took a last photo of them to remember her by. The photo would be the clue that broke this case.

Cole then attended an afterparty, where he got further wasted and had sex with Suzie. Meanwhile, Felicia was killed in a hit-and-run incident.

In 2010, 20 years later, Cole has fallen from his former status and now works as a car lot attendant but applied for an assistant football coaching job at McKinley. He was accused of killing Felicia out of revenge for her being sexually involved with someone else before. However, the culprit was then-assistant principal/now principal of McKinley High, Steve Burke. He ran Felicia down and his car was visible in the photo of Cole and her. Steve either hid or destroyed the incriminating photo.

Cole is last seen back at his job, with only his memories of high school glory to comfort him.