Excerpt from Detective Lilly Rush in the episode Look Again...

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"People shouldn't be forgotten, even if they are my kind of people. Maybe they don't have a lot of money, they don't have lawyers but they matter. They should get justice, too."

DISCLAIMER: All rules applied here are made for everyone who wish to contribute here in this Fandom Wiki site, please do read these rules and regulations accordingly. Also, this FANDOM Wiki site doesn't have any connections with CBS and its third party affiliates, so if ever you had more information about other CBS's show other than Cold Case, you may reach them on their official site. Thank you!



These are the RULES AND REGULATIONS that was enforced everywhere on any FANDOM Wiki sites. You have the RIGHT to FOLLOW THEM in order to stay active in this site. Any disobedience on any parts of this rule, will be SENTENCED for A LIFETIME BAN on contributing here in this Wiki, and we will consider your account as CASE CLOSED as a consequence.


  • Since some articles you will be reading here in this site are extremely disturbing (since this involves crime scene) and some photographic images contain some scenes which are NOT suitable for all young readers (sexual content images and other fetish elements are NOT ALLOWED to post it here or else you will be blocked automatically), we are STRICTLY applying Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) (in guide with FANDOM's Terms of Use) in order for all the aspiring contributors which aged 13 and below to prohibit them from contributing in this site.
In case that a contributor is merely underage, report it to any Admins assigned here in this wiki for proper investigation, and provide some evidence if you can.
  • Observe civil behavior, think of this site as a court justice room where everyone was civilized and not harrassing everyone. You have the rights to state your opinions and comments on every episode article that we're offering here in this wiki.
However, any form of uncivilized behavior, any forms of swearing or bad words and attitude towards the other contributors (by means of bullying, arguing, insulting, threatening, harassing, purposefully offending, or disrespecting them on their opinions) will be blocked from editing any pages in this site. This is NOT A PRISON CELL, but it will be if you violate these rules.
  • Assume good faith at all times
    • This is the assumption that all edits made on this wiki are made with the intent to improve it.
    • Avoid outright reverting edits that seem to have been made in good faith unless it is very obvious vandalism.
If you must do so, explain why, either in the edit summary or on the user's message wall.
  • Respect the staffs and other FANDOM authorities when they told you to stop doing something that is not related to the topic or any unnecessary creations that has nothing to do wuth Cold Case.
Especially using of abusive words and accronyms that also means swearing words is not allowed. We will be bringing you into custody for that if you're disobedient.
  • This is not a marketplace, so please AVOID promoting/advertising non-affiliated wikis (with the exception of ADS which provided by Wikia Community Central), or linking commercial external sites which has an intent just to view your product.
  • We are also not AUTHORIZING anyone to do such inhumane things or behaviors like the following (whether to an admin, a FANDOM staff, or any other contributors here in this wiki):
  • Insulting others
  • Trolling just to get some attention (don't be a CHILDISH)
  • Spamming
  • Discriminate someone
  • Using strong language.
    • Some minor profanity is permitted (such as hell, damn, or bastard as long as it was not frequently used or directed at another user) but severe profanity such as the P***, A**, B****, N****, F-Bomb, S-Bomb, "Female Dog" and any slurs are prohibited, even when censored or shortened.
  • Using a bot program without approval or control by a staff member of said bot.
However no bots are built (other than the FANDOM) for this type of wiki, but we are placing it now if ever.
  • Impersonating or fabricating false information about other users.
  • Supporting or encouraging vandalism or breaking of the rules.
  • Impersonate other users or evade bans by using multiple accounts.
    • In Wikipedia term, this is known as Sockpuppeting) and is a serious offense.
    • Users caught doing this will have all of their known accounts blocked indefinitely, unless there's a good explanation on why they're doing it so (i.e. Forgot their old account's password, created for testing purposes are acceptable terms, but required to confirm themselves by means of their personal e-mail registratiin, or by notifying any admins here in this FANDOM)
  • Post any form of Spam in any sort of way. Spam is completely annoying and is a serious violation to Wikia's Terms of Use. In most cases, users are globally and indefinitely blocked for posting spam.
    • Spam will be deleted when discovered, and the user who posted it will be blocked from further editing.
  • Add theoretical, speculative, or non-canon material to articles. Unless there are solid proof that they're existed in any other media.
  • Link to unofficial or illegal ways to view or share, post, or discuss leaked Cold Case content
    • Information officially released by TV listing sites and guides or by the external sites of Cold Case, crew at public panels or on social media is not considered a leak. But since Cold Case was no longer airing, this will generally applied to Cold Case - Door of Truth arricle if ever someone decided to create a separate article episodes of them.


This section is a guide for you on how to contribute here in this wiki properly and well-organized, so please do read them first. All rules and regulations are also applied when editing a specific article offered here in this wiki.

Most of these sections are excerpted and credited to We Bare Bears Wiki:Regulations, which also applied to every FANDOM page you've visited other than Cold Case Wiki.


Unverifiable and ludicrous content is not to be added to pages, nor is speculation and fan content.
  • Do not engage in edit wars with other users. Doing so can and will lead to blocking. Please refer to here Help:Edit warring.


  • Vandalism is the term used for harmful contributions made by users who are known as vandals. Vandalism is usually done to offend others, to drag away attention, or to simply cause destruction. It's when you illegitimately blank pages and insert obvious nonsense into a or destroy the content of a page.
Vandalizing a page is a serious offense and proper action is will take place.
There is no acceptable excuse for vandalism, and vandalizing will always result in a block, usually of indefinite length.
Creating pages that are completely unrelated to Cold Case series can also be considered as vandalism.
  • If a user intentionally renames or creates a page with an inappropriate or nonsensical name, it can also be considered as vandalism.


  • Spam, though its definition is fairly flexible, is usually unwanted messages or advertisements being excessively posted to cause any sort of disruption.
Spam is deleted immediately when discovered and appropriate action will take place against the spammer.


  • Observe correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.
  • Be sure your changes make sense and flow with the article smoothly, especially when working with complex code.
  • One tiny error in coding could potentially mess up an entire page.
When working with the Classic Editor, always use the "Preview" button before publishing to ensure the page looks the way you intended it to. Also, there are 2 ways to check your edits before you decide to save them. These functions will be located at the topmost-right of the Calssic Editor (this is not applicable if a wiki was under Unified Community Platform mode):
1.Mobile View - allows you to see your edits temporarily and how it was look in mobile view (for most mobile and Android devices users)
2.Desktop View - allows you to see your edits temporarily and how it was look in desktop view (this is applicable for desktop computer users and can be also viewed as well in all mobile devices when it was switch to Desktop Mode; check your mobile browser manual for more information).


User rights is an additional benefits for all the contributors which had created their own accounts already. User rights for starters can be given a status of a User, and when they contrubuted to 10 or more edits, they will automatically gained autoconfirmed users, which will be able for them to contribute more in this wiki. However, there are some user rights that can be gained if they're showing any good faith edits and contributed to a wiki without any single bad edits or not blocked within the wiki or on other wikis.

In this wiki we are considering giving them an additional user rights if they're proven to have a potential to contribute in a good way. Here are some policies for gaining user rights. Please do understand that if ever we granted you these rights (i.e. Administrator), be sure to follow these rules:

  • We can only granting user rights for a potential registered accounts only. I.P. Addresses or known as A FANDOM user only cannot gained this kind of rights.
  • We are only accepting applicants for those contributors if they're following the rules and regulations imposed in this wiki.
  • Granting an Administrator rights or any other user rights is a responsibility for you to improve this site even further and can access you to modify some special pages that only admins can do so. It is not a priveledge nor rights to bragged someone.
  • Failing to do his/her duties and responsibilities when he/she finally gained these user rights will be automatically dropped back from being a simple contributor only, and will denying any kind of request to regain it.

In addition, we are only granting these rights if a contributor made at least 250 edits for the past 7 days without any single bad reverts and no records of violating any rules applied here in this wiki. If you ever requesting for such rights, we are welcome to accept any requests by leaving a message to those admins who was assigned in this wiki (PandaB31, WarGrowlmon18, 1LOSTFan, Thenchick, or if ever he/she was still active the original creator of this wiki).

(For all administrators/bureaucrats: Please do check his/her edits made for the past 7 days, refer to Special:AdminDashboard for more information, or if you had any questions regards to that, please contact any admins available for you to show you how to do that. Make sure as well that those contributions are not reverted due to a vandalism, spamming, or any kind of bad edits, and make sure that they will meet the requirements for them to grant this rights).

Be responsible for editing and make more contributions be more specific for the readers and visitors of this wiki more informative.

Just follow this rules and regulations and we'll do the rest.

Thank you for stopping by and have fun editing and solving with 'Cold Case Wiki.


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