Clayton Hathaway
Clay in 1987
Clayton Hathaway
Portrayed by Gattlin Griffith
Episode Offender
Status Deceased (1987)

Clayton "Clay" Hathaway was the main victim in the episode Offender, a 6 year old boy and the only child of Tara and Mitch Hathaway who was found dead in an empty lot in May 1987, with signs of being raped after a semen was found in his body according to the autopsy.

He was last seen by his parents in May 1987 when he was trying to find him somewhere in their village, but not knowing to them, he was raped and killed by their neighbor Cliff Burrell, Johnny Burrell's father which also had a sexual fetish to him but never touch him once, instead taking a picture with his thumb sucked in his mouth whenever he was sleeping when he was a child (the same position when Clay found dead). He was seen as a ghost by his parents after the hostage drama scene made by Mitch ended peacefully and finally his killer was arrested alive before its too late.

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