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Chuck Pierce 1969
Chuck in 1969
Chuck Pierce 2008
Chuck in 2008
Chuck Pierce
Portrayed by Kenton Duty (1969)
Greg Evigan (2008)
Episode One Small Step
Status Arrested

Chuck Pierce was a kid in Danny's neighborhood. While playing astronauts with the boys, Chuck was Neil Armstrong, Bobby was Buzz Aldrin, and Seth was Michael Collins. Chuck became a naval aviator, applied for NASA (and rejected 3 times) in the 1990’s, and then became a private air captain.

Chuck claimed to be with Seth and Bobby the night of Danny’s murder in 1969. In the 2008 interrogation, Chuck claims it was an accident, that Danny fell into the creek. However, Danny made the jump according to Bobby. Chuck admits he didn't make the jump and fell in. Danny jumped in after him and ends up struggling himself to swim in the strong current. Chuck makes it to the side of the creek and Danny asks for Chuck’s help. He tells Chuck he won't tell the others that Chuck was scared to jump. Chuck yells he wasn't scared and hits Danny with a tree branch, killing him. Chuck is arrested for Danny’s murder.