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You may be looking for Chris Lassing or Christina Rush.

Chris 1979
Chris in 1979
Chris 2004
Chris in 2004
Portrayed by Nicholas D'Agosto (1979)
Fritz Greve (2004)
Episode Daniela
Status Alive

Chris (last name unknown) is a character from "Daniela". He was a then teenage boy who fell in love with Daniela in 1979. He was quite handsome, as even Detective Lilly Rush pointed out that any girl would be crazy about Chris. His schoolmate and friend Cassie was infatuated with him but Chris constantly rejected her.

He and his friend John cruised around a bad part of town and picked up a girl named Daniela who they thought was a prostitute. She took them back to her place where they would shoot a "movie". Chris recorded it in his camera. John got worked up and threatened Daniela with a gun. She beat him up, took the gun and threw them both out. Chris came back to apologize and remarked that he also wanted to see the world just like her. They bonded and became a couple. His friendship with John also began to deteriorate. Chris used to sneak away from home to see Daniela at her apartment (her friend Marquette saw him once) and after a while, they became close enough that he asked her to his prom.

On the night of the prom, Chris and Daniela were getting ready to leave her apartment when his father, Pops, who had followed him, burst in. Pops berated and hit his son for dating a prostitute but Daniela defended Chris, causing Pops to realize that she was a boy (because her male voice slipped out). Chris lost his nerve and lied that he didn't do anything serious with Daniela (they'd already had sex). She got very upset and threw the corsage Chris had given to her at them. Chris then went to the prom alone and miserable.

When their song "Please Don't Go" by K.C. and the Sunshine Band played, Chris realized how much he loved Daniela, despite her being a transgender woman, and rushed back to her apartment. He heard a gunshot and found her lying in bed in a pool of blood with John's gun to her head. Chris then tearfully apologized for being too late, took Daniela's corsage and spread the petals around her body. He then threw her bloody clothes and the petals away in a garbage bag and buried her, never telling anyone what happened. Police found the bag but with no body to connect it to, the case went cold. John Stillman already knew about the "garbage bag full of rose petals" but even he was stumped.

Chris is a construction foreman by 2004. He's stopped talking to everyone he knew; not his father, John nor Cassie (though that is because she drifted away after getting pregnant). His relationship with Daniela was found out no matter how many times he lied. At the end of the episode, Chris showed detectives where he buried her so they could retrieve her remains. When he returned home, he imagined seeing Daniela in her prom dress, smiling at him. Chris then walked towards her and they danced to their favorite song from 1979, 'Goodbye Girl'.