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Charlotte in 1963
Charlotte in 2005
Charlotte Jones
Portrayed by Liana Liberato (1963)
Dee Wallace (2005)
Episode Strange Fruit
Status Alive

Charlotte Jones is a character from "Strange Fruit". She is the daughter of Henry and Judith Jones.

As a child in 1963, she was tricked by some local kids to help steal the Williams family's American flag and replace it with a Confederate flag. Zeke Williams chased Charlotte back into her house, demanding she return the flag. He met the Jones family's maid Mathilde Jefferson and also befriended Judith thanks to their both liking chess.

After Zeke helped Mathilde escape her rapist employer Henry, Charlotte accidentally revealed Zeke had been meeting her mother for chess games. Henry and his brother Billy Jones then threatened Judith that she would never see her daughter again if she didn't tell them where Zeke went. She had no choice but to confess. The Jones brothers had their cronies hunt Zeke down and took Charlotte with them to watch him being beaten up in order to punish her for befriending a black man. When Billy lynched Zeke, Henry tried to stop Charlotte from seeing it.

Before Zeke was murdered, Charlotte gave him a piece of paper detailing the next move which would have helped him win the chess game against her mother. It becomes a vital clue in the investigation.

Charlotte is a painter in 2005. Her biggest painting features a tree. The Cold Case team found out later that the tree is where Zeke was hanged; the painting was Charlotte's way of dealing with the trauma of seeing her friend murdered. After testifying against her Uncle Billy, she and her mother are last seen watching as he and his surviving cronies are given a perp walk by the police.