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Charlie Rinzler 1969
Charlie in 1969
Charlie Rinzler 2004
Charlie in 2004
Charlie Rinzler
Portrayed by Trever O'Brien (1969)
Michael Harney (2004)
Episode Volunteers
Status Alive

Charlie Rinzler was the boyfriend of Renee and father of her unborn baby in 1969 in "Volunteers".

After learning of Renee's pregnancy, Charlie told her he loved her and wanted to marry her, suggesting she keep the baby since abortion was illegal at the time. In reality, the marriage pact was just a ruse to keep them together and think of a better solution; it was the only option Charlie saw when you got “a girl in trouble.” Renee refused, not wanting to be stuck in Philadelphia as a teen parent. Ultimately, this unbelievable moment in their life spilt the couple up and they haven’t seen or talked to each other ever since.

In 2004, Charlie was married and started his own family.