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Chandra Patterson in 1970
Chandra in 1970
Chandra Patterson in 2009
Chandra in 2009
Chandra Patterson
Portrayed by Hope Olaide' Wilson (1970)
Loretta Devine (2009)
Episode Soul
Status Arrested

Chandra Patterson is a character from "Soul". She was the best friend of Billy Sanders. They attended the same church ministered by his father Reverend Tom Sanders, where Chandra sang in the choir while Billy played the organ.

Billy became a composer at Ronde Records and he brought Chandra in as a backup singer, as she was also trying to break into the music industry. She was heavily criticized by Ronde Brooks for her looks, in which Billy failed to defend her. They recorded "Backstabbers" with her on vocals but Ronde gave the song to, as Chandra put it, "four guys who sang falsetto and danced". The song was a huge hit but Ronde took sole credit even though Billy paid for the session himself.

Later, Chandra gave Billy a ride to the bus station. She panicked and argued with him when he told her he was leaving everything behind to make his own music and to be with his pregnant girlfriend Beatrice Sloan. Billy believed Chandra was upset because they would no longer make music together but she revealed that she was in love with him. Billy tried to get out, but Chandra, upset that he was abandoning her, grabbed a communion wine bottle and hit him in the head, killing him instantly. Panicked, she sped off.

Chandra used the money Billy dropped in the car to anonymously pay for his headstone on his grave. She visited his grave once a month.

Chandra is a choir director in 2009. She quoted Psalm 145 when she talked to the cold case team. They realized that Chandra was the killer when they found that Psalm 145 is also engraved on Billy's headstone. Her kind church lady facade crumbled in the final interrogation, and she revealed herself to be possessive of Billy and hateful of Beatrice. She is arrested and last seen having her mugshot taken.