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This article was for the recurring character of the show. For the one-time character with the same first name, see Celeste Church.
Celeste Cooper
Celeste in 2010
Celeste Cooper
Portrayed by Mare Winningham
Episode The Good Soldier
Status Alive

Celeste Cooper was the second wife of Paul Cooper and mother of his two younger children, Maggie and Finn Cooper.


Celeste was aware that Paul had begun to reconnect with Lilly Rush, his daughter from his first marriage in late 2008 and 2009, and that Finn had begun to meet with her as well. Celeste, for her part, had supported this, only to have four dinner invitations cancelled by Lilly at the last minute.

After Finn got into an argument with his father in early 2010, stole money, and took his father's car to Atlantic City, Paul, with Lilly's help, was able to find him and bring him home. The three argued in the car until Celeste came outside and gently insisted all three of them come inside and eat the dinner she'd prepared. At dinner, Celeste quietly admonished Paul and Finn for their behavior over the past few months, and Lilly as well for avoiding the family. She told Lilly "whether you like it or not, you are tied to us for good".

Lilly appeared to get the message, and brought take-out to another Cooper family dinner a few nights later.