This article was for the recurring character in a crime, for the main recurring character and the new stepmother of Det. Rush, see Celeste Cooper.
Celeste Church 1997.JPG
Celeste in 1997
Celeste Church 2007.JPG
Celeste in 2007
Celeste Church
Portrayed by Aviva (Baumann) (1997)
Veronica Lauren (2007)
Episode Stand Up and Holler
Status Arrested

Celeste Church was murder victim Rainey Karlsen's best friend and a fellow junior. She was sadly one of her killers after she had let Rainey die after receiving a fatal overdose of Gamma Hydrobrutrate AKA the drug GHB or "Liquid X", unknowingly by her first killer Becca Abrams, head cheerleader/captain and a senior at her school, Birmingham High School. Becca decided to hurt Rainey after she called out of her "Queen Bee" attitude in front of the other cheerleaders, and personally poured the spiked beer in Rainey's throat. Celeste let Rainey die because she wanted to tell the school administrators about the hazing and cruelness the younger cheerleaders were receiving from the older girls/cheerleaders, especially from Becca.

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