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Ceci 1998
Ceci in 1998
Ceci 2006
Ceci in 2006
Portrayed by Marisol Ramirez
Episode Sanctuary
Status Arrested

Ceci was a former drug mule who murdered Ana Castilla.


Not much is known of Ceci's past until around March of 1998 when she became involved in Ramiro's drug trafficking business as a "mule" - one of the girls Ramiro used to smuggle drugs into America. She was also already involved romantically with Ramiro's right-hand man, Hector, and addicted to drugs herself.

Some time before September 28th, 1998, Ceci also sought and was granted sanctuary in Father Peralta's church. She dreamed of getting away from the drugs and moving to Miami.


In 2006 when Ana's case is reopened, the Cold Case team first learn about Ceci from Father Peralta, who tells them that she was in the church with Ana the day she died. Since he helped Ceci get her current job as a housekeeper, Father Peralta can tell them exactly where to find her.

Rush and Miller meet with Ceci, who is now clean, near her workplace. She tells them about Ana's dreams to help her sister and get back to Columbia. Ceci explains that, unlike Ana who ran away from Ramiro, she was let go because "After ten runs, my stomach couldn't hold no more. I was useless to them". Ceci shared her dreams with Ana of running away to Miami with her boyfriend, who also wanted out of the drug trafficking business. Her boyfriend's identity is not revealed at this stage. The night Ana found sanctuary in the church, Ceci was also in withdrawal from drugs.

The team first become suspicious of Ceci when they speak to Valens' old boss, Manny Fernandez, and learn that Ana was being followed by a SUV with a female passenger who had dark hair with blonde streaks. Rush and Miller bring Ceci in for questioning and she confesses to the events of that night. Hector, Ramiro's right-hand man and the one who cut open women who died to retrieve the drugs, was Ceci's boyfriend at the time and driving the SUV. They followed Ana to get the drugs she kept as a bargaining chip from her, believing she swallowed them.

When Ana heard Ceci call out to her, she believed she was safe and willingly got into the back of the SUV. When Ana realised who Ceci's boyfriend was, she recognized him as the man who cut open Delia, a fellow mule who had trafficked drugs into the country at the same time as her. Ceci begged and then threatened Ana for the drugs, in heavy withdrawal by this point. Ana refused and the flashback ended with her mutilated body thrown out of the back of the SUV and the car immediately driving off, indicating that it was Ceci who committed the murder and mutilation.