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Cassie 1979
Cassie in 1979
Cassie 2004
Cassie in 2004
Portrayed by Ryan Templeton (1979)
Katie Rich (2004)
Episode Daniela
Status Alive

Cassie (last name unknown) was a high school friend and classmate of Chris and John in 1979. She was deeply in love with Chris, but he wasn't interested. Though it's not stated how long Cassie had known Chris, she knew him enough to know his father Pops was abusive to him.

She saw Daniela from an amateur movie Chris and John made, which Cassie had declined to participate in. She noticed something different about Daniela, though she couldn't tell what. Cassie became increasingly jealous when she realized Chris liked Daniela.

On the night of their senior prom, Cassie apparently came by herself but was dancing with John. She was shocked to see Chris come alone and beat up. Cassie confronted him about his dad, to which Chris admitted the man beat him. Chris was more concerned that Pops beat "her" (Daniela) and made her go away. Cassie tried one more time to get Chris' attention by comforting him and saying that she has "always been here for [him]". Upset and tired, Chris just told Cassie to stop and leave him alone. Furious and wanting him to feel bad that he lost his chance with her, she went to dance with John. However, this somewhat backfired; as Chris watched Cassie, it made him miss Daniela and he left the prom to reunite with her.

In 2004, Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens found Cassie, now working at a restaurant, to question her about Daniela. To coax her to remember, Lilly lied that Chris asked about Cassie and wanted to know what happened to her after prom. She stated, "I ended up pregnant" before telling the detectives about Chris' father and his behavior at prom.

Cassie is not seen when the case is closed.

Though it's never confirmed who the father of her baby was, it's implied Cassie and John slept together, considering his personality as a teen and that she was last seen dancing very close to him to make Chris jealous.