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Casey Hollenbeck
Hollenbeck in 1958
Casey Hollenbeck
Portrayed by Lukus Grace
Episode Libertyville
Status Deceased (1994)

Casey Hollenback was a farmer whose family owned farmland in the Summerton area north of Philadelphia where the Libertyville housing development was built.

Hollenback's farmland had been in his family for over two centuries until 1958, when Kemp and Sons bought up 5,500 acres of land to build housing. Hollenback was outraged when Kemp and Sons representatives convinced his grandfather to sell and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

He went to the Libertyville showroom, with several sheep in tow, and accused them of stealing his land and getting Hollenback's "senile old granddad to sine on the dotted line". Julian Bellowes attempted to calm Hollenback down, and took him into his office to talk. Julian explained that the city was sprawling north, which couldn't be stopped. As a peace offering, however, he set up Hollenback's entire family in Libertyville homes.

Hollenback was later arrested on a drunk and orderly charge in 1962. He died in 1994.

Fifteen years after his death in 2009, Hollenback would become a suspect in the 1958 murder of Julian, who was killed two miles from where Hollenback lived, after Harry Kemp recalled Hollenback's confrontation with Julian to detectives. As Julian's throat had been cut, this was of special interest to detectives, since Hollenback had spent his life slaughtering animals and would have therefore known how to use a knife. Eventually, however, the investigation led to Julian's real killer, George Watson.