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Casey Evans 1997
Casey in 1997
Casey Evans 2007
Casey in 2007
Casey Evans
Portrayed by Ken Luckey (1997)
Drew Powell (2007)
Episode Stand Up and Holler
Status Alive

Casey Evans was Becca Abrams's then-boyfriend at Birmingham High School. Along with Becca, he was popular and they were both into sports: cheerleading and football. They were also cruel, arrogant, and selfish bullies.

In 1997, Casey met Rainey Karlsen and her best friend, Celeste Church, two new members on his girlfriend's squad. He didn't care for Celeste, despite being implied to have raped her as part of a "hazing" ritual, but he cared a lot for Rainey. He always tried to win her over, even though he had a girlfriend. Luckily though, Rainey wasn't interested in him.

Casey's life eventually went downhill after high school and he was accused of date rape in college, but the charges were dropped. In 2007, Casey was accused of killing Rainey for rejecting him, but he was cleared as the real killers were found: Celeste and Becca.