Carrie Swett.JPG
Carrie in 1998
Carrie Swett
Portrayed by Kayla Mae Maloney
Episode That Woman
Status Deceased (1998)

Carrie Swett was a girl was murdered in 1998 by her friends in the Hearts Wait Club.


Carrie Swett's case was re-opened by Lilly Rush in 2007 after a shirt discovered to be Carrie's was found in an abandoned van. Carrie had a reputation for being promiscuous, and it was discovered that the tank top was actually left in there from a time that someone had pulled a prank on her.

When Rush interviewed the Hearts Wait Club, they all confessed that they killed her because she had "tainted" them. Laurie had a pregnancy scare with Manny, Phil was accused by Carrie of being a closeted homosexual (though she was okay with it), and Tina Quinn had been having sexual fantasies about the club sponsor. They stoned her, because it was in the Bible: "Thou shalt stone the whore." They were all arrested and put in jail.

Carrie had joined the purity club to "start over" and "re-purify", and the club's sponsor was a chief suspect, as he had an affair with a girl in the club. He disclosed that a threat to Carrie was placed in the secrets bin, and that Carrie knew that she would die, and that her "friends" had planned it.

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