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Carrie Swett
Carrie in 1998
Carrie Swett
Portrayed by Kayla Mae Maloney
Episode That Woman
Status Deceased (1998)

Carrie Swett was the victim in "That Woman". She was murdered in 1998 by her friends in the Hearts Wait Club for stumbling upon each of their supposedly dark secrets.


Carrie Swett's case was re-opened by Lilly Rush in 2007 after a shirt discovered to be hers was found in an abandoned van. Carrie had a reputation for being promiscuous, and it was discovered that the tank top was actually left in there from a time that Jerry Wood had a tryst with her as part of a prank to score points with their classmates.

When Rush interviewed the Hearts Wait Club, a Christian chastity club at Carrie's school, they all confessed that they killed Carrie because she had "tainted" them by finding out their secrets: Laurie Wu had a pregnancy scare with Manny Kim, Phil DiPreta was accused by Carrie of being a closeted homosexual (though she was okay with it), and Tina Quinn had been having sexual fantasies with the club sponsor, Nathan O'Donnell. Under Tina's orders, the group lured Carrie to the woods and stoned her to death, because it was in the Bible: "Thou shalt stone the whore." They were all arrested.

Carrie had joined the chastity club to "start over" and "re-purify", and Nathan was a chief suspect due to his affair with Tina. He disclosed that a threat to Carrie was placed in the secrets bin, and that Carrie knew she would die and her "friends" had planned it. Carrie's secret note read: "I think that God loves me for who I am."

After the case is closed, Scotty Valens gives Carrie's note to her mother, Sheila Swett. Lilly Rush imagines seeing Carrie in the woods where she was killed, strolling in the sunlight.