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Caroline Dratton 1985
Caroline in 1985
Caroline Dratton 1998
Caroline in 1998
Caroline Dratton 2007
Caroline in 2007
Caroline Dratton
Portrayed by Lynda Boyd
Episode The Good Death
Status Alive

Caroline Dratton was Jay Dratton's wife and Tom Dratton's mother.


By 1998, their marriage was loveless as Jay had become a cutthroat businessman with an empire to run. These plans became shelved when Jay was diagnosed as having a malignant brain tumor. During his stay in the hospital, Jay had delusions of time he'd spent with his family on the beach staying at Louise Motel in 1985. On his deathbed, Jay told his son Tommy of the memory, and though Tommy pretended he didn't remember, he told his mother Caroline joined Jay at his deathbed, and discovered the six vials of morphine that had been given to him by Amelia Flores, a mother whose young daughter had died of a brain tumor. Despite her refusal to commit such thing as Jay ordered her to do so, she assured her first if it was his final wish to her and as Jay replied "It wasn't negotiable" (meaning he's ready), she euthanized Jay, grabbed the picture of them (that was taken from "Motel Louise" way back 1985) from Jay's hand and fled the room sobbing for his death as he flatlined.

She was not arrested in the end as Detective Rush understood her situation and she believed that it was a "good death" and not intentional. And alongside with her son, Tommy which he also brought his own son along, revisited Motel Louise and embraced each other and sees Jay's image smiling back at them from the bridge before he fades away.