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Carmela LeFleur
Portrayed by Emily Kosloski
Episode Beautiful Little Fool
Status Deceased

Carmela LeFleur (probably not her real name) is a character from "Beautiful Little Fool". She was a famous vaudeville actress in the '20s.

Carmela was romantically involved with Nick Bartleby until she was dumped for Violet Polley, which initially infuriated her. Things changed months later when she found out that Violet was pregnant by Nick (Carmela indicated that she'd gotten pregnant too). She bought a couple of songs from Violet to help the latter support her unborn child.

Carmela was at the Bartleby mansion to try to console everybody after the Stock Market Crash when Violet arrived with her infant daughter Rose Polley. Carmela was disgusted with Nick when he turned them both away. She later found baby Rose without her mother.

Carmela's life story was told by her assistant Mickey Stein Sr. to his grandson Mickey Stein Jr.. In the epilogue, Mickey Jr. is looking at documents proving that Carmela had sent baby Rose to an orphanage and financially provided for her. He fondly imagines seeing her and his grandfather, with Carmela giving Mickey Jr. an approving smile.