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Carlos Espinosa
Carlos in 1982
Carlos Espinosa
Portrayed by Walter Perez
Episode Bombers
Status Deceased (1982)

Carlos Espinosa is the victim in "Bombers". He was a street artist and tagger who gave himself the nickname "Blaze". Carlos died in 1982 at just 16 years old.

Carlos grew up with his mother, Sonia Espinosa. She had assumed that he was a paint huffer, due to him stealing money from her purse and "doing something with his paint". Sonia kicked him out and he ended up living in the sewers. Carlos met another street kid named Leon who also wanted to be a tagger. He took Leon under his wing and gave him the name "Turbo", the fastest tagger in Philly.

Carlos ran into trouble when he was caught by the NRKE crew, led by King Tut, bombing their wall. He fought back but they beat him up. He came to Tut's party later with a six-pack of beer to apologize. There, he and Leon met Gina Lopresi, aka, "Talon".

Carlos made his move on Gina while they were tagging but they were interrupted by Don Bardwill, the city graffiti remover. He'd been running into Don quite a lot and suspected that someone was snitching on him.

Later one night, Carlos and Leon were again found by Don on the roof of a building. Carlos jumped from one roof to another. Leon also jumped but he missed it by a couple of inches. Carlos tried to pull him up but he fell to his death. Carlos was told by Don to run before the police arrived.

Carlos took Leon's death hard. He spent a week painting a beautiful mural dedicated to Leon in the sewers. A bunch of homeless people were mesmerized by it. One of them named Eddie Clark asked Carlos what it was called and he said it is titled "When all is darkest, men see stars", a reference to Leon's fondness for Ralph Waldo Emerson's poetry. Carlos was later found by Gina, who tried to convince him to join NRKE because no one messes with them or their tags. Carlos caught onto Tut's little scheme, ratting out taggers who weren't a part of NRKE while keeping himself safe. He felt an extra amount of hate towards Tut, as it was how Leon died.

Carlos took Gina's orange spray paint and went off to NRKE territory. He painted a "distasteful" (and well-deserved) mocking image of Tut, wearing a poorly drawn crown that said 'KING SNITCH'. Tut threatened him to take it down, coming along with a bucket of white paint and a paint roller. Carlos refused, telling Tut exactly what he hated hearing. Tut then smashed his head against the wall and proceeded to spray paint into mouth, causing him to die of asphyxiation. Tut also saw the Turbo 102 tag (102 meaning October 2, the night Leon died) and used it as his own.

In 2010, Carlos' mother Sonia looked through his belongings and found his drawings and photos of his tags. One of those photos showed that he bombed over an NRKE tag. Tut was eventually arrested. In the epilogue, Carlos' tribute to Leon was painted by Gina and some kids. Don helped out. Sonia laid a flower where her son died and imagined Carlos smiling at her before walking away.