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Carl Healey 1998
Carl in 1998
Carl Healey 2003
Carl in 2003
Carl Healey
Portrayed by Joel Bissonnette
Episode Our Boy Is Back
Status Arrested

Carl Healey was a serial rapist, responsible for the rape of Ellen Curtis, Nicole, and Gail Chimayo, the last of who he murdered when she tried to fight him off.

Carl grew up in an anti-intellectual environment. His mother couldn't read and his sister was arrested for prostitution. He became attracted to intellectual women, however he felt he had to settle for Bridget Young who not being very smart and adverse to reading he did not really care for.

He targeted women he saw as intellectual and cultured and knew lived alone by the cats they kept. Being good at getting into enclosed spaces he was able to pass through window bars and sneak up on his victims. He would shave off any body hair right before his attack to make entering easier and so not to leave D.N.A. After the attack he would apologize to his victims and wish they had met under different circumstances, signifying his desire to be with an intelligent woman.

Known Victims[]