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Carl Burton in 1973
Carl in 1973
Carl Burton
Portrayed by John Allsopp
Episode Honor
Status Deceased (1973)

Carl Burton was a Vietnam vet who returned home only to be shot by Daniel Potter several months later.


At some point prior to 1973, he met and married Janet Burton and had a son Ned Burton. In the course of the marriage, he was sent overseas to Vietnam where he was a Lieutenant commander of the US Navy. He was shot down over Hannoi causing him to be captured and sent to a Vietnamese prison camp.

He was sent home in 1972, after five years in the prison, and met his seven year old son who gave him a hand carved box with his POW bracelets. Upon his return home, he revealed to his wife that his arms had been broken four times, causing them to be busted. He also retained a slight limp. He would go for walks, straining his marriage with Janet.

One day when he took his son to the zoo he learned that Janet had been spending time with Ken Westin when he was gone.

Prior to his death, he went to a memorial for Rex Potter, Daniel Potter's father, after time had passed with Daniel asking about his father nonstop until the boy threw a rock in the window. Carl gave him the bare minimum of what he wanted. At the memorial for Rex Potter, he took his son but was yelled at by Daniel's mother. He then left with Ned and headed to a diner where he learned from a waitress that Ken had impersonated him multiple times with his son when he was still overseas.

He would later be murdered by Daniel Potter.