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Carl Bradley in 1979
Carl in 1979
Carl Bradley in 2006
Carl in 2006
Carl Bradley
Portrayed by Matthew Glave (1979)
Robert Pine (2006)
Episode The Key
Status Alive

Carl Bradley is a character from "The Key". He is the husband of Libby Bradley and father to Helen Bradley.

Carl was a successful businessman with a seemingly perfect family, but his marriage became strained and distant, to the point that he had been cheating on Libby for years. In 1979, Carl took Libby to a key party hosted by Joe and Julie Livingston, where he hoped to sleep with the the younger, recent wife of one of their friends. After an argument, Libby ended up taking the key belonging to Bill Huxley and started having an affair with him.

Libby also wanted to have an open marriage so she can keep seeing Bill but she couldn't handle him wanting other women. After breaking up with Bill at Helen's sweet 16, Libby told Carl she wanted a divorce, so both of them could make their own lives. However, the couple realized they were hurting their daughter when Helen attempted suicide after the incident at her birthday. Although the matter was hushed up, Carl and Libby seemed to have a breakthrough. Unfortunately, she was murdered the next day.

In 2006 after the case was solved, Carl and Helen laid flowers at the site where Libby died.