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Butch Beard 1985
Butch in 1985
Butch Beard 2005
Butch in 2005
Butch Beard
Portrayed by Alex Sol (1985)
Daniel Roebuck (2005)
Episode Kensington
Status Arrested

Butch Beard is a character in "Kensington".

He and his friends Joe Young and Monty Fineman worked at a textile mill until it was closed down in 1985. They tried everything to stay afloat. Things got so desperate that Joe had to work as a constable evicting people who couldn't pay rent. Butch was angry that his sister and her family were thrown out into the street by Joe. Joe later quit that job and apologized to Butch. Butch made a joke that if things get real desperate, they could rob the house of their ex-boss Bob Johnstone. He called it his Plan B.

After Ham Dunn told Joe that Johnstone had already sold the mill months before, the desperate trio retaliated by going for Plan B but they found Johnstone's house empty and abandoned--they even failed to steal a chandelier.

Angry and disappointed, the trio stopped by a gas station. An argument erupted between Monty and Butch. Monty pulled out a knife and tried to stab Butch but instead stabbed Joe, who tried to defuse things. They abandoned him to die. Butch and Monty didn't attend Joe's funeral out of shame.

Butch had financially recovered through unknown means (the cold case team remarked on his fancy shirt) in 2005. He was eventually arrested for obstruction.