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Buster Large 1970
Buster in 1970
Buster Large 2009
Buster in 2009
Buster Large
Portrayed by Kelvin Brown (1970)
Ajgie Kirkland (2009)
Episode Soul
Status Alive

Buster Large is a minor character from "Soul".

In 1970, he was an alcoholic guitar player and a friend of Billy Sanders. They played at The Hive owned by Geraldine Watkins. They were scouted by Beatrice Sloan, who worked for record producer Ronde Brooks, and hired as session musicians for Ronde Records.

Buster witnessed Billy's rise to composer and how he and Ronde clashed over musical direction. Billy even brought in extra musicians and his friend from church, Chandra Patterson, as a backup singer without Ronde's permission.

Buster owns a record store in 2009 and has been sober for 30 years.