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Buella Stiffler
Buella in 1989
Buella Stiffler
Portrayed by Jennifer Manley
Episode Lonely Hearts
Status Deceased (1989)

Buella Stiffler was the first victim of homicidal couple, Martha Puck and Ramon Delgado. She appeared in the ninth episode of season four, "Lonely Hearts".

Lonely Hearts[]

Ramon manipulated Buella into believing he truly loved her, further reinforced by lies Martha fed her in her masquerade as Ramon's sister. Buella and Ramon got married at a "quick hitch" chapel before he took her to a remote area of the city and showed property he had supposedly put a down-payment on.

While Ramon kept Buella preoccupied by having her close her eyes and imagine their property once it was completed, Martha got into the van, ran Buella down, and killed her. This first murder was witnessed by Cherry LeSure, who slept in her car in the area.

After Buella was killed, Ramon and Martha disposed of the marriage papers so that they couldn't be linked to her. They repeated this pattern with four more victims.

In 2006 after the case is closed, Detective Vera sees Buella in the cold case archives before she fades away.