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Buddie Walker 1943
Buddie in 1943
Buddie Walker 2004
Buddie in 2004
Buddie Walker
Portrayed by Lukas Behnken (1943)
Rance Howard (2004)
Episode Factory Girls
Status Alive

Buddie Walker was a 17 year-old worker at his father Henry Walker's factory in 1943.


Buddie had two older brothers who were killed in World War II. His father, unwilling to lose a third son, had set up an account with $2,000 (made from supplies Henry had stolen from the factory and sold on the black market) for Buddie take and run away to wait out the war. Buddie, however, had no interest in doing this, and was eager to serve when he turned 18, as his brothers had.

Buddie developed a crush on Alice Miller, a new girl at the factory, despite the fact that she was married and five years older than him. Alice quickly became friends with Buddie, as well as Fannie and Martha. When Fannie told them rumors of camps in Europe were Jews were being killed, Buddie and Martha were skeptical, though Alice was troubled by this. Not long after this, Alice started trying to raise money for someone. Buddie never knew who it was for, concluding only that Alice had secrets.

When Alice, along with Fannie and Martha were dancing for quarters at the Swing for Victory Dance at Smokey's Dance Hall, owned by Richard, Buddie insistently offered twenty dollars to dance. Alice left with Buddie to calm him down.

Buddie drove Alice home and apologized for his attitude earlier. He then told her about account his father had for him and gave her the entire sum, as well as a kiss. Alice's neighbor Dottie, who was Henry's secretary, saw this and chastised them for it, before Alice told her off.

Some time later, Buddie was celebrating with Fannie and Martha on Martha's last day on the job. None of them saw Alice's husband Nelson show up and confront her, demanding that she come home. When Alice refused, Nelson became angry and pushed Alice from a scaffolding, the fall killing her.

Alice's death was presumed to have been an accident, and her friends went on with their lives. Buddie joined the Navy, serving on the U.S.S. Hornet. He survived the war and outlived his father when Henry died of liver failure in 1988 after a lifetime of drinking.

When Alice's case was reopened sixty-one years later, Buddie, now an older man volunteering at a veteran's hospital, was questioned twice by the police, first about his father's activities, then later after they learned about his crush on Alice. It was later learned that Henry had witnessed Alice's death but that Nelson had bought his silence. It's unknown if the detectives revealed this to Buddie. Shortly after Nelson was exposed as Alice's killer, Buddie had a small reunion with Fannie, Martha, and Richard.