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Bud Lydecker 1969
Bud in 1969
Bud Lydecker 2005
Bud in 2005
Bud Lydecker
Portrayed by Joshua Harto (1969)
Harry Johnson (2005)
Episode Revolution
Status Alive

Bud Lydecker was a minor character in the episode "Revolution".


Bud had known Ellie McCormick and her brother Brian McCormick since they were 12 years old.

Years later, he and Ellie got together and were engaged during the wedding of her friends, Terry Lucas and Suzanne, in 1969. After a conversation between him and Ellie at the wedding, she began spending time with Warren Cousins and dumped Bud. He began stalking her and watched as she would go to Warren's home. Bud accused Warren of hurting Ellie but they were actually helping Brian recover from his drug withdrawal.