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Buck Lowman in 1976
Buck in 1976
Buck Lowman in 2005
Buck in 2005
Buck Lowman
Portrayed by Robert Baker (1976)
Bill Dearth (2005)
Episode Yo, Adrian
Status Alive

Buck Lowman is a character from "Yo, Adrian". He was an aspiring amateur boxer in 1976 and was also in love with Gina Carroll.

Buck was mad at first when Jerry Stone was picked to fight Maurice "Mad Mo" Bell but word got around that the fight was fixed in Jerry's favor so he told Gina about it. He then robbed a convenience store so he could help her place a bet. Afterwards, Buck instead witnessed Jerry die in the ring. He was arrested for the robbery two years later.

Buck is a mover in 2005. He attends the funeral reception of Gina's father Sonny Carroll in the epilogue.