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Brogan Cooper 1968
"Sarge" in 1968
Brogan Cooper 2006
"Sarge" in 2006
Brogan "Sarge" Cooper
Portrayed by Conor O'Farrell (1968)
Nicolas Coster (2006)
Episode Forever Blue
Status Arrested

Brogan Cooper', known as Sarge, was the father of murder victim, Sean "Coop" Cooper, and Sergeant of the police force when Coop was killed. He appeared "Forever Blue".

Brogan rejected and disowned his son when he learned that Coop was gay. After discovering Coop was in love with his partner on the force, Jimmy Bruno, he followed instructions from Tom McCree to send Coop to a despatch near the bridge, expecting McCree and his men to rough Coop up a bit and "sort him out". Instead, McCree shot and murdered Coop.

Brogan was guilt-ridden ever since for unintentionally sending his son to his own death. In 2006, the Cold Case team convinced Brogan to name Coop's killers before he was arrested.