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Brian McCormick 1969
Brian in 1969
Brian McCormick 2005
Brian in 2005
Brian McCormick
Portrayed by Colin Bain (1969)
Ray Baker (2005)
Episode Revolution
Status Arrested

Brian McCormick was the killer of his little sister, Ellie McCormick. He loved her deeply and was very protective. But this relationship would become half strained and loving. He would fight with her, but later would be adoring her. But his emotions would run high and become the best of him when his little sister would meet and fall in love with Warren Cousins, a spirited "bad boy" who followed only his rules and was the singer of his band. This made Ellie leave her boyfriend/fiancé Bud Lydecker, who on a heartbroken rampage started to stalk her, in hopes of winning her back. Brian would murder Ellie during an argument over her leaving Philadelphia to be with Warren, who's moving to Canada to hide from being a soldier in The Vietnam War (he was a draft dodger). Brian couldn't bear the thought of his little sister, his best friend, and the only person he can tell his war stories to, the only one who can really understand the pain and hardships he's so desperately trying to get free from, and the only one who wants to listen to him talk about this sensitive topic leaving him, so he flipped out and killed her in a fury of hurtness and complete despair.