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Brent Harris in 2003
Brent in 2003
Brent Harris in 2006
Brent in 2006
Brent Harris
Portrayed by Cole Petersen
Episode Saving Sammy
Status Alive

Brent Harris is the autistic son of Lisa Harris and Steve Harris, and younger brother of Ruby Harris. He witnessed his parents' murder by his sister's then-boyfriend, Doug Sommer.


At some point prior to his parents' death, Brent had been given a tropical fish named Sammy. He and his older sister went to the same school and he would be bullied. After one such occasion, Brent's parents pulled him out and decided to enroll him at a special school in Vermont.

On the evening his parents were murdered, Brent was in the car when they were killed but he was spared. In 2006, Brent was convinced to testify against Doug.


  • Brent is good at math.
  • He hates the color yellow and claims that Sammy does too.