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Brenda at age 6
Brenda in 2007
Brenda in 2008
Brenda MacDowell
Portrayed by Shelby Zemanek (???)
Kathleen Munroe (2007, 2008)
Episode The Road
Status Alive

Brenda MacDowell was a young woman and lawyer abducted by John Smith on the night on her engagement party: August 12th, 2007. She was held captive in the basement of a house in Kensington. However, Brenda refused to give in to Smith's torture and kept her will to live; she would count the church bells she could hear from her cell to keep track of time and even hummed a morning song as he left her to die. After Smith was caught, Brenda was found and freed by the police in March 2008, and happily reunited with her fiancé David Nelson.