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Brandi Beaudry 1990
Brandi in 1990
Brandi Beaudry 2004
Brandi in 2004
Brandi Beaudry
Portrayed by Carly Schroeder (1990)
Virginia Williams (2004)
Episode The Sleepover
Status Alive

Brandi Beaudry is a drug addict whose parents abused her during her childhood. She hosted a secret sleepover the night of Rita Baxter's death.


In 1990, Brandi was the most popular girl in eighth grade at Chestnut Collegiate, with Tiffany O'Connell as her second-in-command. Sometime ago, they had Ariel Shuman join their clique.

One night, Brandi was having a secret sleepover at her house while her mom and dad were away on vacation. Ariel convinced Brandi and Tiffany to invite her old friend, Rita Baxter, a nerdy girl who they often bullied at school. At the party, Brandi and Tiffany were cruel to Rita, pointing out the fatty parts of her body and drawing on them with marker.

While watching a movie, the girls continued to make fun of Rita until Brandi’s parents unexpectedly returned home early. The girls tried to hide, but Rita couldn’t find her glasses and was caught. Mr. Beaudry forced her to admit why she was here, although Rita lied that Brandi only invited her. Mr and Mrs. Beaudry then sent her home and ran a bath. As punishment for having friends over behind their back, Brandi’s parents forced her brother Neil to dunk her underwater and hold her down until she was on the verge of drowning, a normal occurrence in their particular household.

As Brandi recovered in her room, she learned that Rita had witnessed her traumatizing punishment and wanted her and Neil to seek help for the abuse they faced. Neil agreed but Brandi angrily denied this and lashed out when Rita persisted. Brandi suggested she, Tiffany, and Ariel kill Rita. Tiffany blew off the idea for being too extreme and left. Brandi soon blamed Rita for ruining the sleepover, and Ariel for suggesting they invite her. She told Ariel that she was no longer friends with her, and she was no longer allowed to sit with her and Tiffany at lunch. Despite Ariel’s dismay at being stripped of her popularity, Brandi sent her and Rita away.

The next day, Rita was found dead in the woods. Brandi realized Ariel had likely killed her since she was the last one to see Rita alive, though agreed to keep it a secret at the time. However, Tiffany fell off the wagon and lost contact.

As an adult, Brandi became a party planner but the trauma from her parents' abuse made her turn to drugs to cope. She was once charged for trying to use a fake Dilaudid prescription to feed her addiction. Brandi began blackmailing Ariel, now a doctor, for morphine in exchange for her silence on Rita's murder.

In 2004, Rita's case was reopened after Neil marked and accidentally killed a woman in a similar manner as her. Brandi became a suspect and initially tried covering up the incident at the sleepover to protect herself, even deflecting suspicion onto her parents at one point. However, she was soon brought in for questioning along with Ariel and Tiffany, and the three former friends were not happy to see each other again. After deducing Brandi had been getting her fix through Ariel, Lilly Rush was able to get the truth out of her, resulting in Ariel being arrested for Rita's murder. It's unknown if Brandi faced charges for her prescription drug abuse and extortion of Ariel.