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Brad in 1991
Brad in 2004
Brad Atwater
Portrayed by Joel McKinnon Miller
Episode Who's Your Daddy?
Status Arrested

Brad Atwater was a construction site manager that had an illegal Cambodian immigrant, Sen Dhiet, working for him. He would cut Sen's paychecks in half or else he would turn him and his family into Immigration. After a while he began to lust after Sen's wife, Channary Dhiet, and tried to blackmail her into having sex with him or he would turn her family into Immigration. She refused, however, so he took out his sexual frustration out on Mei Prak, who was with Channary at the time.

Eventually, he lost it and stormed into their apartment with a loaded gun and demanded Channary lick his shoes. She did, and Sen tried to take the gun by force, which caused Atwater to accidently shoot and kill Sen. Atwater then said that because Channary had seen him kill Sen, he would have to kill her too. When he asked why she wasn't scared, she replied "You don't exist." This prompted Atwater to shoot Channary point blank.