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Boris Litvack 1994
Boris in 1994
Boris Litvack 2006
Boris in 2006
Boris Litvack
Portrayed by Max Van Ville (1994)
Michael Weaver (2006)
Episode Detention
Status Arrested

Boris Litvack is a character from "Detention". He and Raquel Montero are secretly friends with Trevor Dawson (though they themselves aren't friends). They even make a suicide pact.

Boris joins in the murder plot to kill Philip Hill, the sexually abusive stepfather of Trevor's girlfriend Dawn Hill. They all get themselves get put in detention. After Boris manipulates the security tape, they sneak out and steal a gun that was hidden by another student. The girls chickened out, leaving the boys to do the deed.

They break into the Hill residence, tie up Philip and tell him that they are taking Dawn away from him. Boris seems to be a laid back boy at first but this scheme awakens the anger in him as he vents his hatred of his alcoholic, neglectful mother. Trevor doesn't go through with killing Philip and they leave.

They get back on the roof of the school where Boris breaks down and wants to kill himself. Trevor tried to stop him from jumping to his death but it is he who accidentally falls instead. Boris lies to the girls that Trevor killed himself. They then continued to pretend not to know each other.

The years weren't good for Boris. He did jail time for drug charges and DVD piracy (the latter skill proved to the police that he doctored the security tape). Boris went straight after getting out and ended up working at Dunk 'N Glaze.

When Trevor's case was reopened, he lied to the Cold Case team, saying he and his friends snuck out from detention just to steal chemicals from the chem lab to make ecstasy. This was disproven after Dawn told them that Boris was the one who allegedly witnessed Trevor's suicide. Boris was arrested for manslaughter.