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Bonita Jakarta 1976
Bonita in 1976
Bonita Jakarta 2003
Bonita in 2003
Bonita Rafaela
Portrayed by Diana Burbano (1976)
Lillian Hurst (2003)
Episode Look Again
Status Alive

Bonita Rafaela was the Whitleys' former housekeeper and a witness to Jill Shelby's murder. She's introduced in the episode as relaying information about the killing, but her involvement is more crucial: From her room, Bonita heard and saw a man brutally beating 15-year-old Jill to death. However, she didn’t investigate further or report the crime because she believed it was none of her business, and needed her job to help raise her son.

By 2003, Bonita was diagnosed with cancer. Therefore she finally decided to report Jill's murder to Detective Lilly Rush in order to get peace. She is last seen watching Todd and Eric Whitley being led into the station in handcuffs at the end of the episode.