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Bobby McCallister in 1947
Bobby in 1947
Bobby McCallister in 2006
Bobby in 2006
Bobby McCallister
Portrayed by Lee Burns (1947)
Jack McGee (2006)
Episode Sandhogs
Status Arrested

Bobby McCallister is a character from "Sandhogs".

He murdered his brother-in-law, John "Boomer" Donovan, by triggering an explosion which killed him because Bobby was jealous that John had been made foreman over him. He was also intensely envious of his family’s affection and admiration for John, especially his father and John’s father-in-law, Eamon "Big Mac" McCallister.

Bobby took a lighter which Big Mac gave to Donovan. In 2006, this is what got him caught after Donovan's lover, Alice Stallworth, told the cold case team she saw Donovan with the lighter and that it did not belong to Bobby.

After his crime was exposed, Bobby revealed that killing Donovan only made him more bitter because Donovan is now regarded as a legend. Bobby is just too envious to ever enjoy his life.