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Bobby Lein in 1987
Bobby in 1987
Bobby Lein in 2004
Bobby in 2004
Bobby Lein
Portrayed by Mick Orfe (1987)
Charles Hoyes (2004)
Episode The Lost Soul of Herman Lester
Status Alive

Bobby Lein is a character from "The Lost Soul of Herman Lester". He is the coach for Philly Technical High School’s basketball team. Bobby is also an old friend of John Stillman.

In 1987, he was the coach and a parental figure to basketball phenomenon Herman Lester, as Herman seemed to have no family except his uncle Freddie. Bobby's own family life is unknown. Even though he had his best players' interests at heart (and somewhat the team‘s), Bobby also had a big ego and lost himself; he believed he made this superstar team and their king. This led him to clash with Herman, since Bobby wanted him to play at the University of Florida, which would also make the coach look good, when Herman wanted to stay in Philly with his pregnant girlfriend.

In 2004, Bobby went to his old friend, Stillman, to protect Herman's son, Ray Lester, when he started receiving threatening phone calls. Bobby himself was suspected in Herman's death when the police confronted him over accusing Herman of being ungrateful. However, the real killer was Billy Berkenpass Sr., the father of one of Bobby's former players and Herman’s ex-teammate, Billy Berkenpass Jr.. Afterwards, Bobby began to change and be more supportive of his players.