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Bobby Gordon 1987
Bobby in 1987
Bobby Gordon 1989
Bobby in 1989
Bobby Gordon 2004
Bobby in 2004
Bobby Gordon ("Sean Morgan")
Portrayed by Unknown (1987)
Unknown (1989)
Ashton Holmes (2004)
Episode Maternal Instincts
Status Alive

Born in October 1986. At just a year old, he was kidnapped by Vic Lake and Linda Frandsen, so they could have a child. Linda abandoned Vic and raised Bobby alone. She changed their names to Rebecca Morgan and Sean Morgan and settled in Philadelphia to avoid suspicion. However, Linda was murdered two years later by Kyle Silver in front of Bobby. This led him to live a tough life, bouncing from foster homes. In 2004, he tells Lindsey Dunlay he has information about his "mother's" murder. Despite his tough act, Bobby eventually tells Detective Rush he remember red and yellow balloons, a train and the name "Bobby". It is discovered that Bobby was kidnapped, and his parents want to meet him. However, Bobby continues his tough guy facade, and eventually violates his probation, sending him to jail. After a conversation with Rush, Sean softens up and meets his real family before heading to serve his time.