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Bob (The River)
Bob in 2006
Portrayed by Christopher Goodson
Episode The River
Status Alive

Bob was a suspected pedophile who was regularly seen reading at the park where Dina Miller took her granddaughter Veronica Miller in 2006. Veronica's mother, Detective Kat Miller, was troubled by Bob, who had no child at the park and asked Dina not to take Veronica to the park anymore. Her colleague, Detective Scotty Valens, volunteered to look into the matter.

A brief conversation with Bob, whom Scotty caught surveiling a small boy, left Scotty convinced Bob was dangerous. Scotty then warned Bob not to go to the park again. Bob did not heed Scotty's warning, however, as Dina saw him there again the next day. When Scotty returned to see Bob conversing with the same boy, he took Bob out behind a public washroom and beat him up. Bob's whereabouts after this are unknown.