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Bo-Lin Chen in 1983
Bo-Lin in 1983
Bo-Lin Chen in 2009
Bo-Lin in 2009
Bo-Lin Chen
Portrayed by Robin Shou (1983)
Tzi Ma (2009)
Episode Chinatown
Status Arrested

Bo-Lin Chen is the most influential businessman in Philadelphia's Chinatown. He is a Dai Lo or intermediary between the Dragon Boys gang and the Tong businessmen who actually run Chinatown. He's got his hands in everything from prostitution, gambling, drugs and even petty crime like extortion and kidnapping.

Speaking of kidnapping, the Dragon Boys kidnapped a little girl named Stacey Lee in 1983 for a few measly hundred bucks. Her cousin Jack Chao Lu paid the ransom but was found to have a wire. Bo-Ling knew the boy and had Jack brought to him. He informed Jack that he's been paying off the police to turn a blind eye to his operations (but he claims he's being extorted). He then let Jack go, knowing he won't be able to do anything. Jack turned up dead a few hours later.

Bo-Lin was questioned in 2009 but smugly denied everything. What he did not know was that Jack had teamed up with the cop he'd paid off, Ray Bianchi, and they have hours of audio of Bo-Lin conducting his illegal businesses. One of those audio tapes has Bo-Lin discussing drug smuggling with Jack's brother and killer, Ling Lu. Bo-Lin was later arrested by federal agents.