PandaB31 PandaB31 29 August 2020

Rest In Peace Chadwick Boseman

We at Cold Case Wiki, we're offering our prayers for his departed soul, and we're wishing him for his soul to be rest in peace. Thank you for being a part of the series "The Black Panther" and "Dexter Collins". 🙏

To know more about the full details of his death, please click Chadwick Boseman's second image to redirect you to his Wikipedia page.

Again, our deepest condolences to Chadwick Boseman and his bereaved family.

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PandaB31 PandaB31 26 August 2020

Music Materials Upload currently on hiatus....

Hi Everyone!

Due to the current BUG Status of UCP which was changed by MosterWoodhouse... I will declaring a INDEFINITE HIATUS of uploading the other music videos/materials used in every episode of Cold Case and also for the indefinite hiatus of improving this site any further until this UCP Million bigs was not resolved. Also I'm considering to have a backup hosting site from Miraheze until then since they're both using UCP but in more stable way. Fpr now, please keep continue reading here in Cold Case Wiki.

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PandaB31 PandaB31 19 August 2020

Migrating to "Unified Community Platform"

As we are aware to the newest and latest update from The FANDOM Community, they had already announced their plans that effective anytime all FANDOM pages and other FANDOM Community Wiki, will officially migrating to the latest editing software (which I kinda doubt there will be more problems on this editing tool) called "Unified Community Platform", or commonly known as "UCP".

For the guidelines and updates about these changes, please check this blog from MisterWoodhouse.

And also leave a comment of what do you think of this latest changes from the FANDOM community.

Keep updated for more information.

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PandaB31 PandaB31 15 July 2020

Reference Template now available

Hi everyone, reference template is now available for you to use as citations or reference for every article here in Cold Case Fandom. To apply the said template just put "ref>" parameter then link of the source that you found for either episodes additional information, about the artist life, or other news involving to the character, then end it with "" line. More additional information and more improvements about this wiki will be added very soon, as I was already sent a request to Community Fandom to adopt this wiki. I need your support guys since I have plans to improve this fandom even more attractive for all readers out there. Thank you,

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PandaB31 PandaB31 13 July 2020

Looking for supporters to officially adopt this wiki and more improvement plans on this site...

Hi everyone, if you're reading this public blog post, then you may need to read this further....

We all know that for more than 10 years since this show ended in 7 seasons, some of us have knowledge about Cold Case series that we think we need to share it to everyone who was also happened to be a big fan of the show or some which never even seen the series even once but are interested to know about the show. And as a fellow fan and contributor for this show, I have many plans to improve this site even further to become more attractive to all readers since the the original founder of this wiki seems inactive for a long time. I know that some of you wanted to contribute even more to this wiki too, so I'm going to need your help fellow active c…

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PandaB31 PandaB31 21 June 2020

Adding more information...

Hey there!, its my 2nd special blog for Cold Case Fandom. Ever wondering why do I add some information about the actors and actresses of the show? That was because this is more significant for a fanmade wiki, to know more about the persons who played their role and most especially, what are their purpose on playing that specific roles. It was also important to know how old they portrayed the role at the time of the production of every episodes, so therefore I included their ages, not their current age though (its 2020 already, so what I did is to based on the year of their birth and the current year, minus the date that their specific episode was produced).

The infobox was also been modified and added the "Status" (whether they're active in…

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PandaB31 PandaB31 19 June 2020

Looks Like Needs Improvement

I just made some edits in this wiki, but for some reasons, it seems that this wiki must be modified further. I guess you need some help and reviewers with this Fandom site in order to improved this site even more specific and informative.

Stay tuned as I'll give you some pointers about how a wiki wirks, and how did I add the music materials/videos which was relevant and useful to some pages.

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Carebearheart Carebearheart 16 July 2014

Wiki for Cold Case Virtual Season

I was thinking, i'm sure some of you know about this. Should there wiki made for this project? I'm just asking because I keep trying to make an account and join it, but the image CAPTCHA is always broken, hopefully i'm not the only one with this problem.

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