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Blaine Robbins 1994
Blaine in 1994
Blaine Robbins 1997
Blaine in 1997
Blaine Robbins 2003
Blaine in 2003
Blaine Robbins
Portrayed by Victor Z. Isaac (1994)
Nathan Baesel (1997/2003)
Episode The Hitchhiker
Status Arrested

Blaine Robbins was the cousin and killer of Matt Mills. Blaine himself was an ineffective entrepreneur. He always came up with ideas for business ventures, but they always fell through for one reason or another. When they were younger, Matt looked up to him and followed through with Blaine's plan to rob a convenience store for $1000 to invest in a vending machine business. This led to both of them getting probation and Matt going on the straight path. Three years later, Matt got an entry level position at a brokerage firm. He attended school to get his Bachelor's and move up in the company. By this time, Blaine was still up to his old tricks and planned to rob a casino to invest in a dot-com business. Matt, older and wiser, refused to follow Blaine this time and told him he would alert the casino if Blaine went through with the robbery. Blaine took extreme offense to this, and the cousins got into a fight. Blaine was also jealous that Matt was moving on to bigger and better things while he was still failing miserably. After the fight, Blaine decided to kill Matt. Knowing Matt missed his bus, Blaine followed a hitchhiking Matt and apologized for the previous night, a ruse to gain his trust. Blaine then pulled out his gun and forced Matt into the woods. He began ranting about his lack of success and kept telling Matt he just needed to catch a break. Then he told Matt to look him in his eyes so he could see that Matt still believed in him. Blaine then realized Matt no longer looked up to him and then shot him. He stole the $3000 Matt won at the casino, and he used it to purchase flying lessons for his next business venture. Predictably enough, that fell through too. He continued living the rest of his days as a failure until he is arrested for Matt's murder.