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Billy in 1942
Billy Takahashi
Portrayed by David Huynh
Episode Family 8108
Status Deceased (1944)

Billy Takahashi was a soldier in the 442nd during World War II. He was the son of Ray Takahashi and Evelyn Takahashi, and the older brother of Barbara Takahashi. He died overseas on October 13th, 1944.


  • Billy Takahashi's army unit, the 442nd Infantry Regiment was a real regiment consisted of second-generation Japanese American soldiers (known as Nisei) that was active from 1944 to 1946. During the Second World War, the 442nd had saw action in the European Theatre of the War. At the time of Billy Takahashi's death on the 13th October 1944, the 442nd was heading through the Rhone Valley towards the Vosges Mountains near the French-German Border, resulting the liberations of the villages of Bruyères and Biffontaine and the capture of 134 Wehrmacht soldiers, including members of the 950th Wehrmacht Freies Indien (Free India Legion) Battalion. During the battle for the liberations of Bruyères and Biffontaine, the 442nd had rescued soldiers of the US 141st Infantry, First Battalion, known as the Lost Battalion.