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Billy Jeremiah Sanders
Billy in 1970
Billy Jeremiah Sanders
Portrayed by Wesley Jonathan
Episode Soul
Status Deceased (1970)

William "Billy" Jeremiah Sanders is the victim in "Soul". He is the son of the Reverend Tom Sanders. His brother Tom Sanders Jr. died in Vietnam. Billy's mother who was alive in 1970 is neither named nor seen.

Billy was a talented musician who played the organ, drums and guitar. He yearned to do other things with his talent. He played in secret at the Hive which was owned by Geraldine Watkins. He and his friend Buster Large were scouted by Beatrice Sloan, who worked for Ronde Brooks of Ronde Records. She took a particular interest in Billy and they became a couple.

Billy started as a drummer but he soon became a composer. He disliked his time at Ronde Records because he was not getting paid enough and he clashed with Ronde over musical direction. He also began to drink. Geraldine loaned him $2,500 to record his songs and Billy brought in his friend, Chandra Patterson, as a backup singer. They recorded "Backstabbers" and it was their first real hit but Ronde took sole credit.

When Beatrice got pregnant with their child, Ronde offered money to Billy so he can have the baby aborted. He instead quit and demanded $10,000 that he was owed. Ronde let him quit but paid him just $5,000 in exchange for sole credit. Billy still counted it as a win despite being short changed. He paid back Geraldine but found out that she was having an affair with his father. He quarreled with Tom before leaving to join Beatrice in Baltimore.

Billy asked Chandra for a ride to the bus station and told her about his plans. Chandra, who had secretly been in love with Billy the whole time, freaked out over him abandoning her. She bludgeoned him over the head with a bottle of church wine and left him to die in the street. Billy's remaining money was left in Chandra's car and she used it anonymously to buy him a headstone.

Beatrice eventually had their son, Archie Sloan. She died in 2009 thinking that Billy abandoned them. Archie has a son who had to make a family tree as a school assignment, and it got Archie thinking about the father he never knew. He came to Will Jeffries to help him find out about Billy.

After the case was solved, Ronde won a musical Lifetime Achievement award, thus burying Billy's legacy. However, Archie met his hitherto unknown grandfather Reverend Tom at the old Ronde Records studio. They imagine seeing Billy watching over them.