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Billy Berkenpass Sr in 1987
Billy in 1987
Billy Berkenpass Sr in 2004
Billy in 2004
Billy Berkenpass Sr.
Portrayed by Tommy Hinkley (1987)
James Martin Kelly (2004)
Episode The Lost Soul of Herman Lester
Status Arrested

Billy Berkenpass Sr. was the killer of Herman Lester.


Billy's motive was due to his son Billy Jr. being "kicked off the team" in favor of Herman, who was dubbed the “miracle child” of Philadelphia’s Philly Tech High School’s basketball team.

Unbeknownst to him, Billy Jr. had been arrogant, unpredictable, and bad-tempered, just like his pops. The night after the big game, Billy followed Billy Jr. and watched as he had a deep, meaningful conversation with Herman, patching things up with him. However, Billy Sr. was infuriated and thought it was a disgraceful compromise that caused his son to abandon "his" dream of becoming a professional basketball plater. As a result, he stabbed Herman to death with a screwdriver.