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Bill Huxley in 1979
Bill in 1979
Bill Huxley in 2006
Bill in 2006
Bill Huxley
Portrayed by George Newbern (1979)
J. Patrick McCormack (2006)
Episode The Key
Status Alive

Bill Huxley is a character from "The Key". He is the father of Jed Huxley and the ex-husband of Alison Huxley.

He and Alison went to a key party thrown by Joe Livingston in 1979, where Bill's key was picked by Libby Bradley. They bonded over their lifeless marriages and slept together. They started an affair and Libby developed feelings for Bill, but it was not mutual. At Helen Bradley's sweet 16, she found him dancing with another woman and Bill admitted to Libby that he was just about the sex. She was dead a day later.

In 2006, some of Libby's personal effects were found in the woods where she was killed. Among them was Bill's key. He later told the cold case team that his son Jed carried the same key. This led to Jed being arrested for the murder. It's unknown what Bill thought about his son being Libby's killer. Bill is last seen throwing away his fondue set, just another relic of the 70's that he wants to forget.