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Sophie in 1991
"Big Soph" in 1991
Sophie in 2009
"Big Soph" in 2009
Sophie "Big Soph"
Portrayed by Kelli Jackson (1991)
Lisa B. Tharps (2009)
Episode Read Between the Lines
Status Alive

Big Soph is a character in "Read Between the Lines".

She was an aspiring rapper in 1991. Donalyn Sullivan saw Soph freestyle rap when she first moved in. They met again at the studio of Andrew "Huxtable" Garrett. Soph didn't like having another female rapper around and tried to scare her off. However, she later saw Donalyn selling her mix tapes on the street and helped her sell some because she felt bad for her.

Soph is a radio DJ in 2009. She plays Donalyn's original song, "Read Between The Lines", after her murder was solved.