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Betty Jo Henders in 1944
Betty Jo in 1944
Betty Jo Henders in 2009
Betty Jo in 2009
Betty Jo Henders
Portrayed by Kaitlyn Black (1944)
Mary Jo Catlett (2009)
Episode WASP
Status Alive

Betty Jo Henders is a character from "WASP". She was a friend of Edna Reed, Louise Patterson and Vivian Lynn. Betty is a southerner but it's unknown from which state. She's referred to as "Grammy" in the present day.

Betty's husband died six months before she joined the WASPs in 1944, leaving her to raise her children alone. She and her cousin Donald resorted to selling ration books on the black market. Vivian found and destroyed them. She always thought that Vivian was arrogant but when Betty found her mentoring Edna, she felt guilty and never profiteered again. She was among those who witnessed Edna die when her plane crashed.

When Vivian's case was reopened in 2009, Betty Jo pointed to Herbert "Wolf" James as a possible suspect. She was only half-right because it was he who sabotaged Edna's plane. Vivian's determination to report Wolf was what got her killed when her own plane was sabotaged by Iris Keening to prevent the possible scandal from getting the WASP program shut down.

In the epilogue, Betty Jo and Louise reunite at the old air base and reminisce about the first day of training when Vivian arrived on her crop duster.